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More Than Just an Attorney

Ferdinand Perez Robes (“Ferdie”) was born from a poor family of 9 siblings. His father was a farmer and tailor, and his mother was a plain housewife. Their family hardly had food on the table, as well as money to spend for their education. At the age of 10, he started working as a delivery boy, construction worker and even collected old newspapers and empty bottles, and sold them to a junk shop to earn money and help augment the family income. Despite all the hardships, joggling work and school at a very young age, he pursued and completed his secondary education in a public school and graduated with honours.

Ferdie dreamt of becoming a doctor. However, when he was growing up, he witnessed how their family was ridiculed and taken advantage of. They were not able to fight for their rights due to the lack of knowledge and finances to hire a lawyer to defend them. As a result, he promised himself to become a lawyer someday.

Years past, Ferdie is now an accomplished professional.
He is a
1.Ontario Canada Lawyer;
2.Philippine Lawyer; and
3.Philippine Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Ferdie successfully passed the Solicitor and Barrister exams in December 2014. He was called to Ontario bar in June 2016 after he completed the ITLP (Internationally Trained Lawyer's Program) at the University of Toronto, and attended the LPP (Law Practice Program) at Ryerson University. He has an experience in a private law firm in Mississauga which specializes in labor and employment and human rights.

Equipped with learning, experience, and confidence, Ferdie opened ROBES LAW PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION - A law office committed to provide an unparalleled depth of knowledge to your case.

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